The Divorce Court episode of Harper Vs. McCormick is real. Now when you watch it, you will think it's fiction, scripted, in a million years you won't believe this to be real...but it was and it is.

Ramond, also known as Rolling Ray, is a very popular figure on social media, especially on Instagram@IamRollingRay. He and his partner Christian ended up in the courtroom of Judge Lynn Toler on television's Divorce Court. Divorce Court is a syndicated television program that revolves around the disputes of couples going through divorces.

In the episode, Rolling Ray's partner and high school sweetheart, Christian, is jealous of his social media fan base. And accuses Rolling Ray of infidelities with some of his followers.

Rolling Ray claims his partner, Christian, is living a double life.

The shenanigans that go on in this particular episode of Divorce Court will have you wondering how these two people ever landed a spot on a generally serious nationally televised show.

You will laugh. During certain parts, you will wonder what language is being used. You will wonder how on earth did Judge Lynn Toler keep her composure most of the time. This episode of Divorce Court may be the most hilariously weird, real, unscripted, yet, ridiculous thing you've ever seen on television.

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