Summer has arrived, all full of possibilities and adventures. Besides vacationing, there are a few things that make summer summer. Here's my list of things I must do for summer to be summer!

  • 1

    Eat Snowballs

    I know nowadays you can get them year-round, but there's nothing like an ice-cold snowball on a hot summer day. It's not really summer until your tongue turns green!
  • 2

    Eat Corndogs

    I missed my chance at the Cajun Heartland State Fair and the place at Acadiana Mall closed, but Sonic has a good one!
  • 3

    Go Swimming!

    I was a lifeguard in my teens and twenties so I was at or in the pool all the time. I even used to swim thirty minutes to an hour a day for fitness when I was younger. These days, though, I sunburn so easily, I've been staying away from the water. I guess I'll just have to go early in the morning or at night!
  • 4

    Eat Watermelon

    Sure you can buy seedless watermelon all cut up and ready to eat in the grocery store, but nothing beats sitting outside and eating it right off the rind and spitting out the seeds!

    Ralph Orlowski/Getty Images News
  • 5

    Drink a Pina Colada

    Since summer won't be officially over till after we return from the CJ and Debbie Ray Sail Away, I know I'll get to have (at least one) Pina Colada aboard the Carnival Conquest!
  • 6

    Go to an Art Museum

    When it's humid and hot outside, stepping into a cool, quiet museum is especially nice. You could do it any day, but you just don't, so summer is a great time to explore the Paul and Lulu Hilliard Museum. The last time I was there, they had an exhibit of cutlery. It was cool, really!

    photo by Debbie Ray
  • 7

    See a Movie at the Library

    The Lafayette Public Library shows movies during the summer for free.There are family movie matinees, Popcorn Theater for the little ones, Teen Movie Nights and more.
  • 8

    Learn to Play Margaritaville

    I got a ukulele a month or so ago and I am trying to learn how to play Margaritaville. I will get it right this summer!

  • 9

    Take a Boat Ride

    Being out on the water can happen any day of the year in South Louisiana, but in the summer, it's extra special somehow.

    JayCee's dog Tucker