David Letterman fans and people with hearts, should be outraged.  The iconic set has been totally demolished.  As a fan, as a person with a heart, as a person who enjoys history...I'm appalled.

This set belongs in the Smithsonian, not a dumpster.  And if the Smithsonian didn't want it, some fan would have paid good money for it.  The money could have gone to charity.

In this video you see construction workers sawing the iconic set with smiles on there faces.  How in the hell could anyone do that?  If I were employed by that construction company, I would have had to take some vacation days.  No way could I have destroyed a part of Americana like that.

The bridges, the arches, the lights...the entire New York backdrop...destroyed.  Hey CBS...I would have bought it!

No respect!  None!  Events like this make me sick to my stomach.

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