A dramatic video shows freeways in Dallas, Texas under water on Wednesday evening.

A line of severe thunderstorms before a strong cool front pushed through north Texas on Wednesday evening and it dropped several inches of rain across the Dallas area.

The video below shows just how much water covered parts of the highway and you can even see vehicles stranded as the water rose.

This resembles what we often see here in Lafayette after a thunderstorm drops several inches of rain, so we can relate to what these drivers had to experience.

Remember, when you can, turn around and never drive through water if you are uncertain of the depth of it. It's always better to turn around so that you don't drown.

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The same line of thunderstorms that dropped this much rain near Dallas will push further southward, but by the time these storms reach parts of Louisiana, they are predicted to lose intensity, thus we are not expecting any flooding issues in south Louisiana.

As for the cool front behind these storms, this will be our first strong cool front of the season and temperatures will begin to drop into Friday evening and most certainly by Saturday morning.

The weekend outlook looks great for south Louisiana, and after the summer we just experienced here, we deserve the cooler temperatures that are on the way.

Here's the scary video from the freeway in Dallas, TX.


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