There is no telling what drivers in Acadiana experience each day while they are out there driving. While many of us have to sit at a desk in our offices all day long for other workers their office is really their vehicle.

While we have seen video of strange things happening in traffic with crazy car chases, people speeding or observing naked people, I would tend to think there might be even crazier sightings of hilarious things in traffic in Dallas, Texas.

Dallas, Texas has a population of 1.2 million people according to the U.S. Census. The number of people who live there makes it the biggest city in the state of Texas. We think driving here in Lafayette and the rest of Acadiana is treacherous, it must be exhausting to have to travel in Dallas. On the upside, maybe you get to see some really interesting things by navigating through the city of Dallas.

In a scene that recently played out in Dallas, you can see the back of an 18-wheeler with the door open. Inside, the people taking the video can see nothing but cages of chickens in the back of the big truck. It's interesting enough that the back door is not closed, but even more interesting is what happens suddenly.

As the video continues, you see one lone chicken who is able to break loose from the rest of the chickens. The chicken makes their flight to freedom by flying out of the back of the truck, but then ends up on the road of Central Expressway!

We don't know the complete fate of our feathered friend, but we sure hope someone decided to stop and adopt this very brave chicken. In this case, I think we know why the chicken is crossing the road, he wants to be free!


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