The Wendy's Spicy Nugget rage has (finally) reached Dallas.

I thought everyone knew that SPICY NUGGS ARE BACK!

Thanks to Chance the Rapper, Wendy's brought the spicy nuggets back over a month ago.

During their game last Sunday, the Cowboys were up on the Miami Dolphins by 25 points. That usually leaves room for error or relaxation. Miami through week three has been horrendous against their opponents, and Dallas quarterback Dak Prescott knew this.

While in huddle with his offensive teammates, Dak, who was mic'd up, gives out the play, and then proceeds to acknowledge that spicy nuggets are back...and he plans on stopping after the game to get some!

Now, this is most likely a case of Prescott knowing that he was mic'd up, and just wanted to mess around. OR maybe he wants that Wendy's endorsement deal?

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