A dad in Seattle got pretty creative with trying to help his 8-month-old baby girl gain some weight. Doctors told Rudy Willingham that his daughter was underweight and she needed to take in more calories to gain some weight before her next weigh-in, according to NYPost. When Willingham found out that his daughter was only in the 2nd percentile in weight, he decided to make a milk bong for his baby. Yes, a milk BONG. Like a beer bong.

Willingham, 36, has a TikTok video that has gone viral showing him feeding his baby girl, Lily, her formula through a bong. He said that he gained a ton of weight in college with a beer bong, so he figured he could do the same for his daughter, except with milk. You have to appreciate this guy’s sense of humor. His Facebook page says he is an artist, so that's where that creativity must come from.

You know you did that beer pong in college. But, you probably never thought you’d use it to feed a baby, huh? Ok, so it wasn’t the old beer bong, he actually made one specifically for her. He attached a bottle nipple to the end of the smallest beer bong he could find on Amazon. It looks like little Lily actually liked it as you can see in the video. I love how Lilly even holds it. Pretty darn precious.

Willingham is so impressed with the results that he is considering making another bong for himself so he can get all the water he needs to stay hydrated throughout the day. Hey, he might be on to something here.

You have to admit, not only is this clever, but it’s also pretty darn cute.  Dad Of The Year.


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