Cyberattacks can vary in severity from planting annoying adware/malware on your computer up to wiping out your retirement fund, but the cyberattack reported in this story hits on a different level.

The Epilepsy Foundation is reporting that its Twitter feed was recently the target of a cyberattack. The attack was not intended to plant malware, not to bilk them of money, not to delete files, but to intentionally cause bodily harm.

The cyberattack against the foundation consisted of hackers sending flashing images (think "strobe light") to persons who follow the Epilepsy Foundation's Twitter account. I would think, without doing the long math, that many people with epilepsy follow that account and, according to a quick Google search, flashing images can trigger seizures in people with epilepsy.

To add insult to (possible) injury, the cyberattack occurred during the month of November, which is Epilepsy Awareness Month.

A similar, more direct attack happened in 2016. A journalist who criticized President Trump was sent a flashing gif that read "You deserve a seizure for your posts".  The journalist viewed the image, causing him to have a seizure. Had his wife not been home at the time, he could have been seriously injured or have died as a result. The man who sent the images is expected to plead guilty to charges levied against him.

It takes a special person to commit this type of crime, and there is a special place reserved for these people.




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