In light of the ongoing protests across the United States over the weekend, several national retail chains have announced they are closing some locations, or modifying hours. Tensions have escalated nationwide over the death of George Floyd in Minneapolis last Monday, and although there were many many peaceful protests in cities big and small, some looting also took place.

Target, which is based out of Minneapolis, announced they are closing six stores, and have a webpage to update locations that might have to temporarily shut down. Over the weekend they closed or shortened the hours of more than 200 stores, but plan to reopen most of those by today. The locations that are closed are: Broadway, Oakland, CA, Buckhead South Atlanta, GA., South Loop Chicago, IL., Lake Street Minneapolis, MN., Uptown Minneapolis, MN., and Washington Square W Philadelphia, PA. They state on the site that 'We apologize for the inconvenience and will reopen our stores on their normally scheduled hours as soon as it is safe to do so.'

CVS has decided to close some stores in 20 states, and they tell USA Today that due to the developing nature of the situation, they do not have a complete list of those stores, or when they will be re-opening. They also say that several stores have been damaged, but no employees have been hurt.

According to ABC 11 in Raleigh Durham, North Carolina, Walmart and Apple have closed some locations, but have not stated which ones. Target also told the news outlet that employees would be paid for up to 14 days, and would be able to work at other Target locations if the protesting continues.



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