It feels so good to be able to get out and enjoy live music and events again. With the beautiful spring weather finally here, we're always looking for something to do outdoors. Greetings From Levy Park is a great event in the heart of Crowley.

If you have a true appreciation for the art of music, you will love Greetings From Levy Park. Greetings From Levy Park (GFLP) is a hidden gem in Crowley for music and entertainment.  GFLP is a non-profit organization that hosts a Spring Music and Art Series that takes place in Levy Park in Crowley's Historic District. Since 2014, GFLP has brought top musicians from across the nation to entertain both locals and tourists. The artists are carefully selected and there is always a variety in genres from funk, rock, bluegrass, pop, soul, country and more.

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GFLP has brought many tourists to Crowley now that the word has spread about this really cool mini-concert series.  The coolest part of all is that is in a city park. Anyone can walk up and enjoy the music and it’s a free show.  You’ll see kids running around, fun jumps, people sitting on blankets, people dancing, and food trucks.  The vibe is really cool since you’re in the middle of a historic neighborhood but listening to some of the coolest, talented and most unique musical artists from all around the country. If you get a chance, you should take the short drive to Crowley and check out this year’s 4 free concerts.

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March 26th kicked off the 2021 Greetings From Levy Park lineup with Michots Melody Makers. This Friday, April 9th, Crowley welcomes The Debtors to the stage at Levy Park. The fun starts at 6pm. Bring your chair and blanket, but leave your ice chest at home. Food and drinks will be sold.

The Rayo Brothers will be on April 23rd and the series will wrap up with Derek Savoie on April 30th.

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