While the season for wanting crawfish is never over there is certainly a time of the year when lovers of crawfish can find better prices. This is not that time. In fact, some Louisiana crawfish retailers are already seeing above average prices for this early part of the season. 

Some retailers in the Lake Charles area say they believe one of the biggest reasons for price increases in their market is demand from Texas. Other Louisiana producers echo those sentiments saying large corporate orders are taking precedence over the needs of individual consumers.

The one thing we have to all keep in mind about crawfish prices is that the supply of crawfish this time of year always brings a higher price. As we get into the meat of the season in the late winter and early spring, barring any kind of weather anomaly, the prices and the supply should balance each other out.

We should have a much better handle on the prices and the availability of mudbugs as producers really begin to ramp up for the 2019 season in mid-January.



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