What do you think about this?

A photo of two "things" stuck in a tire was sent to me and I had to read the social media post three times to make sure I was reading it correctly.

In Louisiana, we know that there are many things on the road or on the side of a road that causes a tire to go flat.

We've all had nails, screws, and other metal objects pierce the tire(s) of our vehicle, but have you ever had a crawfish pincher pierce a tire?


Well, someone did according to the automotive shop in Alexandria, La.

As you can see here, two "things" are lodged in the tire, thus causing the tire to go flat. But are these really crawfish pinchers?

Look, I've heard of people running over roadkill here and bones in the animals piercing the tire, but I have never heard of crawfish pinchers causing a flat...until now.

Feel free to zoom in on this photo and let us know what you think. Are these really crawfish pinchers and if so, how hard were they to enter a TIRE?


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