A couple from Oklahoma City tied the knot while flying over Arizona at 37,000 feet.

Jeremy Salda and Pam Patterson booked a chapel in Las Vegas so that the two could tie the knot on April 24. However, their connecting flight on American Airlines out of Dallas was canceled due to severe weather.

While things seemed pretty gloomy at this point in the trip there was a surprise waiting for them on the plane.




A man named Chris was on the same flight with the couple and he just happened to be an ordained minister.

He'd overheard their story and as Jeremy recalls, he said, "Look, I'm ordained. I can help you guys out."

The flight attendants on the plane noticed that a woman was wearing a full-on wedding dress and had an idea. After running it past the pilot, who completely agreed, they decided to have an in-flight wedding.

"They said their vows, and it was really cute," Reynolds says. "She said all these kinds of little airplane things. Like 'I'll be your co-pilot.'"

Luckily, there was even a professional photographer on board the flight who was able to take some wedding photos.

The couple even got the chance to have their first dance to Bruno Mars's “Marry Me.”

Hopefully, the two will live happily ever after.



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