A Texas couple has been charged with capital murder in the August death of a child.

Police were called to a north Odessa neighborhood back on August 29 where they found an 8-year-old girl unresponsive. The child was pronounced dead at the scene. Once police began their investigation they realized the child's non-biological guardians, Daniel and Ashley Schwarz, punished the child by not allowing her to eat breakfast and forcing her to jump on a trampoline in high heat without stopping for "an extended period of time."

In addition to the cruel punishment, police say the girl was also "not allowed to drink water if she stopped jumping." During the investigation, an autopsy report revealed the cause of the child's death was dehydration. According to the police report,

Officers obtained a search warrant and determined that the temperature of the trampoline was about 110 degrees and the ground was about 150 degrees


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