He went viral for spending over $500 on cookies so that little Girl Scouts could get out of the cold.

Now, Detric Lee McGowan has been arrested by the DEA, this according to a WYFF report. McGowan was named in a 21-page indictment for conspiring with others to import and process with the intent to distribute heroin, cocaine, and fentanyl.

According to that story, he originally gave the girls $40 for seven boxes of cookies, telling them to keep the change. Shortly after that, he came back; told the girls to pack up everything they had and paid them for the remainder of their cookies so they could get out of the cold.

In total, McGowan spent $540. After hearing about his arrest the Girl Scouts of South Carolina Mountains to Midlands issued this statement.

Nobody was hurt. Nobody was threatened. We had no reason to believe that this man was anything other than one of our valuable customers that is helping Girl Scouts power awesome experiences through the Girl Scout Cookie Program. This is now in the hands of law enforcement and of course we will cooperate with authorities.

The post that launched McGowan into instant viral fame has now been deleted.

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