We all love checking into a nice hotel room and seeing the coffee maker all stocked and ready to make a hot, fresh pot. But, could our hotel coffee maker be getting us sick? Unfortunately, it looks like it sure might.

Thesun.co.uk reports Dr. Aaron Glatt, the Chairman of South Nassau Communities Hospital‘s Department of Medicine says the issue with hotel room coffee makers are that by and large, they just aren't cleaned as regularly as they should be.

In all fairness, our coffee makers at home probably aren't very much better.

Hot water alone isn't good enough to take care of mold and bacteria that builds up. Most of us know we should clean them cleaned every few months with vinegar.

This is one step that can seemingly get overlooked in hotels.

From the sun.co.uk -

"A study by the University of Valencia tested nine different Nespresso machines that had been in use for at least one year.

The report stated: 'All the machines revealed a significant bacterial diversity, with the total number of identified genera ranging from 35 to 67,' meaning a 'moderately to highly abundant' quantity."



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