We don't want to hear this.

According to Gulf Seafood News, crawfish season could be in danger this year as farmers take to the fields looking to harvest their catch.

No, it has nothing to do with fewer crawfish or even COVID, but rather with the amount of bait used to catch the crawfish.

In the report, which you can read HERE, there's just not as much bait available for those crawfishing this season.

Gulf Menhaden, often-called Pogie, is used by those fishing for crawfish, crab, catfish, etc., but there isn't as much available for a few reasons.

The species of fish are plentiful, but what is not, is the number of fishermen on the water catching the baitfish.

The report notes that not as many were collecting the baitfish and with a good crab season, many fishing for crab used up what baitfish was available. Thus, there just isn't much left for those harvesting crawfish now.


Something else responsible for the lack of Gulf Menhaden is the recent hurricane season. The tropical activity in the gulf this past season limited the number of weeks fisherman could be out on the water, and because of that not as many Gulf Menhaden were caught.

The rough waters as a result of the hurricanes made it difficult for fishermen to spot where much of the baitfish was, thus the supply now is not where it should or could be.

A local fisherman mentions in the report that this is not just an issue for those here in Louisiana, a lack of baitfish is affecting many along the east coast too.

Still, there are some reports out predicting a good crawfish season in south Louisiana and we certainly hope that is accurate.

But will the lack of baitfish totally wipe out crawfish season here? I doubt it, but it may be more difficult to get crawfish as we enter the Spring months in south Louisiana.

Just recently, I saw a local restaurant not open because they simply could not get their hands on the southern delicacy.

We'll continue to follow this situation here and we encourage you to continue to support your local restaurants and local harvesters.


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