This year's Krewe de Bayou Mardi Gras Ball features a Voodoo masquerade theme, giving you the chance to wear fun - and frightening - costumes that you wouldn't be able to wear to any other Mardi Gras ball!


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    Voodoo Priest/Witch Doctor

    While we usually think of witch doctors when it comes to voodoo, the more accurate term is 'voodoo priest.' The first link below tells you more about voodoo priests and offers costume links and DYI ideas. The other links take you to various voodoo priest/witch doctor costumes, including tons of ideas on Pinterest.

    A voodoo priest costume can be very simple: old sports coat, slacks, a top hat, and either a skull mask or face paint are all you need.

  • InCharacter via Amazon
    InCharacter via Amazon

    Voodoo Priestess

  • SeeingRed via Amazon
    SeeingRed via Amazon

    Voodoo Doll

  • Merchandise 24/7 via Amazon
    Merchandise 24/7 via Amazon

    Voodoo Zombie

    Though the horror - movie zombie has become much more popular in recent years, zombies created with voodoo practices still come to mind when we think of voodoo.

    The easiest and cheapest way to create a zombie look is to simply 'weather' some of your old clothes and then use makeup to complete the look. The following links give you some pre - made costume choices. I also have links to Pinterest for makeup ideas and suggestions.

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    Horror Zombie

    While the horror - movie and TV zombies aren't usually made with voodoo magic, they are still all over pop culture and show no signs of 'dying off' anytime soon! Going in formal wear with some basic zombie makeup or going all out with gory, ripped up clothing would also be perfect for the Krewe de Bayou Voodoo Masquerade Ball!

    Here are links to some creepy and cool zombie costumes, as well as a video from the makeup wizards of AMC's 'The Walking Dead' that offers tips on using household products to 'zombify' yourself for the night!


  • Zagone via Amazon
    Zagone via Amazon

    Skull Mask

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