I received this email from Cajun Paws Rescue about Cora, who was rescued on the day prior to her being put down.  Since then, some medical issues have arisen.

About 1 month ago we pulled Cora on her last day before being euthanized, and fell absolutely in love with her wonderful and sweet temperament. Let's fast forward to today....
Our sweet girl Cora went in this morning for a routine spay at SpayNation and there were some complications (due to no fault of SpayNation's), she had to be rushed to our vet to undergo another surgery. She was bleeding uncontrollably and we were thinking she may have eaten a rat that digested rat poison, that wasn't the case at all. Cora had mummified fetuses in her abdomen that were causing some serious issues.  Upon further inspection, it was found that Cora has a large softball size mass on her intestines. She is in surgery now and they have removed the mummified fetuses and are working on the mass now to send off. We are praying the mass is benign (non-cancerous). When they remove the mass they will have to patch up the intestines (extremely dangerous).  This sweet girl has been through a lot today. Please please keep her in your thoughts and prayers. We are going to be needing donations to cover her unexpected emergency surgery and tests. 
If you can find it in the goodness of your heart to make a donation, please contact Cajun Paws Rescue!
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