I love Lafayette but man the traffic in this city can make me feel like I am going crazy! There are times that I will purposefully put off errands or going to that one store because I just know it will take me half of the day to get there and back. 

The construction at the intersection of Guilbeau Road and West Congress Street in Lafayette has been going on for what seems like an eternity. However, it looks like the project will be done in less than two weeks.


The initial project was only supposed to take about a month to complete but with all the rain we have seen lately the work suffered serious delays. Along with the weather issues Lafayette has seen over the last few weeks, the road was in worse condition than the city initially thought. 

KATC reached out to the City for an update on the construction at this busy intersection. Officials said, based on the work left to be performed in the intersection, the contractor believes that he can get out of there in two weeks.

Drivers are encouraged to use the posted detours to avoid traffic congestion.

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