A Houston-area teacher who was accused of putting her son in the trunk of her car because he had COVID-19 is getting an outpouring of support from her community.

Sarah Beam is the Cypress Falls High School teacher who made headlines after she took her 13-year-old son to a drive-thru COVID testing site last Monday (Jan 3.) for "additional testing," according to court documents.

A CFISD employee who was gathering information from people in line said Beam told her the boy was in the trunk because she didn't want to be exposed to the virus.

An employee working the testing site alerted officials that Beam had her COVID-positive son in the trunk of her car and gave them information that was used to track her down.

The Texas Department of Public Safety said the boy could have been hurt if there had been an accident since he wasn't restrained or protected by wearing a seatbelt. Although Beam was arrested and charged with endangering a child, she was released on bond over the weekend. Since then, it has become clear that not everyone agrees with the decision.

According to a report from KHOU, multiple signs showing support have been popping up outside of Beam's home as students are showing their love and support.

While there has been an outpouring of love for the teacher, not everyone is as supportive as the students who are calling her "the best teacher ever." There have also been many critics who believe her actions were shocking and even some who said she wasn't fit to be a mother.

Beam is currently on administrative leave from the Cy-Fair Independent School District.

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