Are you one of those people that cringe when you hear someone say a word incorrectly? Like artic is pronounced ARC-tic, but a lot of people say AR-tic. I actually mispronounced dogecoin this morning. I didn’t realize it was pronounced DOWZH-koyn. My bad. I assumed the way I heard others pronounce it was accurate. SO, if it annoys you when a word is mispronounced, it probably drives you crazy when a phrase is said incorrectly? BoredPanda shared some common phrases that people get wrong often. It got my attention and made me wonder if there are some Cajun phrases that people say incorrectly. I bet there are tons. I mean hey, we grow up saying what we’re taught. Sometimes, we just add a little extra to things.  Here are a few of phrases that tend to get a little messy sometimes.

stressed man covering ears, looking up, stop making noise

“For all intensive purposes.” -  It should actually be “For all intents and purposes.”

“My life took a total three-sixty.” -  It should actually be “My life took a total one-eighty.” You might laugh when you read this, but if you turned 360 degrees, you’d be back where you started.

“He is butt naked.” - It should actually be “He is buck naked.”

“I could care less.” – It should actually be “I couldn’t care less.” If you could care less then you still have some care to give. But if you couldn’t that means you have no more care left to give.

“One in the same.” – It should actually be “One and the same.” Think of it like two things are the same.


Click here and check out all of the phrases BoredPanda gave as examples. If you have one that we need to know about, let us know.

5 Cajun Phrases/Words That Make Us Laugh

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