The U.S. Coast Guard executed a successful rescue mission after a man's small sailboat capsized on Lake Charles. The 23-year-old man was not wearing a life jacket but, thankfully, authorities were able to respond quickly as he was clinging to the upside-down vessel.

Twitter via @USCGHeartland

An official release from the United States Coast Guard detailed the September 23 rescue mission of a man who's sailboat capsized on Lake Charles.

The Coast Guard Station in Lake Charles received word from the Louisiana Department of Wildlife and Fisheries that a man, without a life jacket, had fallen in the water after his 15-foot sailboat capsized.

Twitter via @USCGHeartland

The Coast Guard arrived on the scene to find the boater clinging to the vessel that was floating upside-down in the lake. The boater did not require medical attention and was eventually able to retrieve his boat from the water.

Twitter via @USCGHeartland

Coast Guard officers remind boaters that having a life-jacket on board any vessel and wearing that life jacket while out on the water is of the utmost importance, as dangerous situations like this one can happen at any time.

See the full report from @USCGHeartland on Twitter below.

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