ESPN's SportsCenter says that, according to LSU Head Coach Ed Orgeron, most of the LSU Football team has had COVID-19.


While it is concerning that so many players have contracted the coronavirus, Coach O seems optimistic about the season.

The SEC says that players who have tested positive for the coronavirus do not have to be tested again for 90 days, giving Coach O confidence that the beginning of the season won't be affected.

Coach O went on to say that he hopes that COVID-19 is a one-and-done virus and that his players won't catch it a second time this season. Again, that's his hope, as he reminds us "I'm not a doctor."

LSU kicks off the season against Mississippi State on September 26th, at 2:30pm (in case you want to set your DVR because 3/4 of the fans won't be able to enter the stadium).

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