Mike Henry, the voice of the character "Cleveland" from "Family Guy", is stepping down from his role.

Henry, in a Tweet posted earlier today, said that a person of color should voice the character.

Earlier this week, Jenny Slate, who voices the character "Missy" on "Big Mouth", a Netflix series, made the same announcement. She admitted that at the onset of the series, she had reasoned with herself that it was okay to voice a Black character, but has since changed her mind.

The "Dixie Chicks" are now "The Chicks; "Dixie Beer" is in the process of finding a new name; "Lady Antebellum" is now, officially, "Lady A"; NASCAR has banned the display of the Confederate flag at its properties; municipalities are removing images and statues of Confederate soldiers/sympathizers; people are losing their jobs over internet posts that are deemed racist and offensive; universities are renaming libraries and other buildings.

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