Have you ever noticed that some things are always on sale? When I was a kid it was waterbeds. Waterbeds were always on sale. In fact, I don't think it was even possible during the 70s and 80s to buy a waterbed and pay full retail price. I say that to say this. While some things always seem to be on sale there are just as many that never go on sale. Electricity has been one of those things, up until now.

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CLECO, the Central Louisiana Electric Company, is offering select customers discounts on their power bills just in time for summer and summertime heat. I guess this technically isn't "a sale" it's more like an incentive program to help out those who might be struggling to pay their CLECO bill.

The official name of the program is the CLECO Alternative Rate for Electricity discount program. You can find complete information about it on the CLECO website. The program is designed for low-income families and if you sign up and are deemed eligible you could save as much as 25% on the fuel portion of your power bill.

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In order to qualify for the program and the discount, you will need to meet the income guidelines of LIHEAP. That's Low-Income Energy Assistance Program if you weren't familiar with the acronym.

The discounts will be applied to customer bills during the months of July, August, and September but in order to get those discounts, you need to sign up now. You can sign up through your local community action agency but you must be enrolled before May 30th.


The Lousiana Radio Network published this table which might be useful in helping you understand if your family qualifies for the LIHEAP benefits.

2022 LIHEAP 60% Estimated State Median Income Levels
# Household Members          Monthly Household Income Limit
1                                                      $2,126
2                                                      $2,780
3                                                      $3,435
4                                                      $4,089
5                                                      $4,743
6                                                      $5,397
7                                                      $5,520
8                                                      $5,643
9                                                      $5,765
10                                                    $5,888

If you're uncertain which agency you need to contact in your community you can find a list of those on the Louisiana Housing Corporation Website. 

This isn't a new program, in fact, it's been around for the past eight years and more than five thousand Louisiana residents took advantage of the plan last year. There is no cost or fee related to making the application but do remember there is a deadline to sign up.

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David Silverman, Getty Images

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