Clay Higgins has never been one to mince words, and one of his latest posts to his Facebook page is a testament to that.

Higgins says that he is planning to abandon Facebook soon and that for the past two years, his I.T. staff has been "investigating alternatives" when it comes to other social media platforms.

In the second part of his post, Higgins says he and his team are also working towards "breaking up" Facebook.

It's not clear if Higgins means he's trying to shut down Facebook, or if he's working towards diminishing Facebook's importance, but he does say in his post that in 2021, 500k Facebook employees will be "seeking another underpaid job, promoting the socialist agenda".

Higgins charges that Facebook "heavily, and increasingly, restricts and purposefully distorts Constitutionalist expression".

Below is Higgins' full Facebook post.

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