Christmas was Elvis Presley's favorite time of year. He would turn his Memphis mansion Graceland into a winter wonderland usually starting mid-November. Most of the Christmas decorations used to decorate Graceland today are the same as when Presley was alive.

If you could only own one Elvis Presley Christmas album, I would suggest Elvis Christmas.

Do you think it's tough to find that perfect gift for your friends and loved ones? Can you imagine how hard it must have been to buy a gift for Elvis Presley, the biggest star in the world?

I recently heard a story shared by the late Charlie Hodge, one of Elvis' best friends, background singer and guitarist. He said buying a meaningful gift for Elvis was nearly impossible. You had to put a lot of thought into it. But it was also tough for Elvis to buy gifts for his friends as well.

One year Charlie gave Elvis a gift. And a few years later, he regifted it back to Charlie forgetting Hodge had originally given it to him.

Elvis loved Christmas, the meaning of Christmas and spending time with his friends and family. I believe these to be my Top 5 Elvis Chrismas songs in which if you listen closely you can hear how the lyrics of each come from his heart.

Blue Christmas 1968 Comeback Special

If I Get Home On Christmas  Day

It Won't Seem Like Christmas Without You

Merry Christmas Baby

Holly Leaves and Christmas Trees

Amazing Grace With the Royal Philharmonic Orchestra

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