Today local media were treated to a sneak peak of the newly remodeled Cajundome.  After closing for 6 months and going over-budget, it's something the community can be proud about.

The Cajundome opened in November of '85 and had not seen an upgrade until this year.  Today when we took the media tour, the UL Lady Cajuns were practicing on the new "swamp" wooden court.  I appreciate the image they were going for, but I personally think they may have to make adjustments to the new basketball flooring image.  At first glance it's hard to recognize that the court is an image of a swamp.  It almost looks like the floor is old and unfinished.  As the group I was with explored a quick fix, we all agreed that black paint on some of the lighter boards would fix the problem.  Not sure how it's going to look on television the way it is currently.

The arena of the Cajundome is now gray tones with black seats with upgraded sound, video and lighting.

Video Of Inside The Newly Renovated Cajundome

Maybe The First Panoramic Image Of The Newly Renovated Cajundome

Pano Of Cajundome
Townsquare Media, Staff Photo

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