Friday morning, to the surprise of many, I announced the name of my favorite Christmas song on the Polyester Power Hour and it's wasn't an Elvis Presley song.  WHAT?!  Al-though I enjoy many Elvis Christmas songs, I think my favorite Christmas song is The Temptation's version of "Silent Night".

During the Polyester Power Hour this past Friday morning, I let everyone know what I thought was my favorite Christmas song and then played it.  I had no idea listeners of the CJ and Emily J Morning Show would react in such a way.  After the song finished playing on the air, the messages started flooding in from everywhere.  "What was that song and where can I get?" was the question of the day.

So the name of the song is "Silent Night" by The Temptations.  But it gets a little tricky when you're looking to purchase it.  I've heard several versions of the song by The Temptations and I have to say, I like one better than all the others.

The one I played on the Polyester Power Hour is the 6:03 minute version which also appears in the video above.  I think you'll like that one best.

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