Good morning Acadiana. Today marks the first day for only 'essential' businesses to be open in Louisiana. Clarification of 'essential'.


Chocolate Covered Raisin Day

Diabetes Association Alert Day

Cheesesteak Day


62 years ago - In 1958, at age 23, Elvis Presley went into the Army. His serial number was 53310761.

48 years ago- In 1972, 'The Godfather' premiered. It starred Marlon Brando and Al Pacino.

31 years ago - In 1989, the Exxon Valdez rammed a reef off the coast of Alaska. It costs 2 billion dollars to clean up the 11 million gallons of leaded oil.

28 years ago - In 1992, a Chicago judge settled the Milli Vanilli class-action lawsuit. The judge gave rebates of up to $3 to any consumer who could prove they bought Milli Vanilli music before November 27th, 1990, the date the lip-synching scandal broke.

4 years ago - In 2016, comedian Garry Shandling died at age 66.


Keisha Castle-Hughes is 30. Obara Sand on 'Game of Thrones'.

Finn Jones is 32. Loras Tyrell on 'Game of Thrones'.

Peyton Manning is 44. NFL.

Jim Parsons is 47. Sheldon on 'The Big Bang Theory'.

Megyn Price is 49. Mary Roth on 'The Ranch'.

The Undertaker is 55. WWE superstar. Real Name: Mark Calaway.

Star Jones is 58. Lawyer, journalist, television personality, fashion designer, author, and women's and diversity advocate.

Nena is 60. Singer who did '99 Luftballons'.

Donna Pescow is 66. Annette in 'Saturday Night Fever'.

Louie Anderson is 67. Comedian who used to host 'Family Feud'.

Tommy Hilfiger is 69. Fashion Designer.

R. Lee Ermey  (1944 - 2018) The drill sergeant in 'Full Metal Jacket' and the leader of the toy soldiers in the 'Toy Story' movies.

Steve McQueen  (1930 - 1980)  Legendary actor.

Harry Houdini  (1874 - 1926) Legendary illusionist.


• 8 days until April Fools' Day.

• 19 days until Easter Sunday.


Today: A bit of sun by the afternoon, 10% chance for rain, 83.

Tonight: Partly cloudy, 65.

Wednesday: Partly cloudy, 85.

Thursday: Partly cloudy, 87.

Friday: Partly cloudy, 86.

Have a wonderful day. Smile!

cj and jenn

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