Good morning Acadiana. President Trump predicts by the time the Coronavirus is over there will be up to 100,000 deaths in America. The Surgeon General and CDC disagree with that number. Both claim the number of deaths will in excess of 200,000. Please follow the Coronavirus guidelines put forth by the CDC so we can make COVID-19, history.


Doctors Day

Pencil Day

Take A Walk In The Park Day

I Am In Control Day

Turkey Neck Soup Day

Virtual Vacation Day


162 years ago - In 1858, The pencil eraser was patented by Hymen Lipman from Philadelphia.

150 years ago - In 1870, the 15th Amendment to the U.S. Constitution gave black men the right to vote.

39 years ago - In 1981, President Ronald Reagan was shot by John Hinckley as he left a Washington, D.C., hotel.


Thomas Rhett is 30. Country singer.

Anna Nalick is 36. Singer.

Justin Moore is 36. Country singer.

Norah Jones is 41. Singer.

Mark Consuelos is 49. TV host, actor and Kelly Ripa's husband

Celine Dion is 52. Singer.

Piers Morgan is 55. English broadcaster, journalist, writer, and television personality.

Tracy Chapman is 56. Singer.

MC Hammer is 58. Singer.

Paul Reiser is 63. Actor.

Robbie Coltrane is 70. Hagrid the Giant in the 'Harry Potter' films.

Eric Clapton is 75. Singer.

Warren Beatty is 83. Actor and filmmaker.

John Astin is 90. Gomez Addams from 'The Addams Family' TV show.

Peter Marshall is 94. Host of the original 'Hollywood Squares'.

Ingvar Kamprad  (1926 - 2018) Founder of IKEA.

Frankie Laine  (1913 - 2007) Singer.


• 2 days until April Fools' Day

• 13 days until Easter Sunday


Today: 40% chance for rain late, 82.

Tonight: 70% of showers and storms. Storms will be stronger north of I-10.

Tuesday: 30% chance for rain early, 80.

Wednesday: Sunny, 74.

Thursday: Partly Cloudy, 10% chance for rain, 76.

Friday: 40% chance for rain, 80.

Have a wonderful week!

cj and jenn



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