A loot including narcotics, stolen firearms, and nearly $50,000 of cash have landed a Church Point man in the Acadia Parish Jail.

Acadia Parish Sheriff K.P. Gibson said just after midnight Thursday, 27-year-old Allen Savoy was arrested after he tried fleeing from officers and wrecked his vehicle.

During the investigation, deputies recovered a large amount of currency, narcotics and multiple weapons. Recovered from Savoy's possession was:

  • 535 grams of cocaine with a street value of $58,800
  • 679 Oxycodone pills with a street value of $6,800
  • 18.6 grams of Marijuana with a street value of $745
  • 1 Buprenorphine pill with a street value of $10
  • $47,445 in United States Currency
  • Savoy Narcotics (APSO Photo)
    Savoy Narcotics (APSO Photo)

    Savoy sustained minor injuries and no other person was injured. After receiving medical attention, Savoy was booked into the Acadia Parish Jail on the following charges:

    • Possession of Schedule I Narcotics
    • Possession of Schedule II Narcotics
    • Possession of Drug Paraphernalia
    • Transaction Involving Proceeds from Controlled Dangerous Substance Activity
    • Aggravated Flight from an Officer
    • Possession of Firearms by a Convicted Felon
    • Possession of a Firearm with Obliterated Numbers
    • PWITD Schedule II Narcotics (2 Counts)
    • Illegal Possession of Stolen Property
    • Obstruction of Justice

    “This is our mission as a department. To get over $65,000 worth of illegal drugs off of the streets of Acadia Parish is a major accomplishment. I applaud our department's efforts as all deputies have stepped up their efforts to serve our citizens to the best of their ability” Gibson said.

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