A YouTuber named Shane Dawson has another viral video on his hands, and this time it's about pizza.

Dawson explores the conspiracy theory floating around for years that Chuck E. Cheese recycles pizza.  Like, they take uneaten slices of pizza back to the kitchen, and use them to Frankenstein together entire pizzas the reheat and serve them.

If you've ever been to a Chuck E. Cheese you know there are kids wall to wall packed in like sardines from open to close.  This is what I think is happening.  With all these pizza orders, it would only make sense to precook a bunch of pizzas to get ready for the rush before the doors open.  Most likely, what are kids ordering the most, which is probably either pepperoni or cheese pizza.  I believe if someone has a half pepperoni and half cheese order, then they cut those two pizzas in half and send them out.  Well, you still have the two other halves that need to be sold.  Fast forward into the day, and now an order for a full cheese or full pepperoni pizza comes in. It makes sense to me that they would put two similar pizza halves that they cut earlier together to make a full pizza, thus appearing as different pizzas being put together...because they are.  In no way do I believe that they would still be in business this long if their practice was to recycle pizza.  As much as TMZ is paying these days, someone would've already shot video of this in the kitchen and got a quick and substantial payday!

Chuck E. Cheese denies that they recycle pizza.

A spokesperson says, quote:

The claims made in this video . . . are unequivocally false.

Check out Shane's video below and let us know what you think.  Be advised this video is NSFW.

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