By the end of this week, most stores in Acadiana will have clearanced out their Christmas merchandise and moved on to Mardi Gras. It's depressing, because it reminds you of how you felt after you opened all of your presents on Christmas Day as a kid: the fun was over, there was nothing more to look forward to.

For most Christians, though, Christmas isn't just one day, it's a season. For Catholics, that season is actually 16 days long, four days longer than 'The Twelve Days of Christmas.'

Some denominations of Christianity even celebrate Christmas until February 2nd, Candlemas, which celebrates the day that Mary and Joseph presented Jesus to Simeon according to Jewish custom.

So don't feel sad that Christmas is over, because it isn't! Catholics will celebrate until the feast of Jesus' baptism on January 9th, while Epiphany will mark the end of the season for other denominations on January 8th.

So continue enjoying those Christmas lights, carols, and shows you recorded but haven't watched yet, and keep watering your Christmas tree!


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