Chris Ardoin is happy to be alive as he posted a positive update to his fans on social media.

The star Zydeco performer posted a photo on his official Instagram and Facebook pages along with details on his current condition.

Ardoin was shot while performing on stage last weekend in Colfax as officials are still trying to identify the person responsible for shooting the Zydeco artist in addition to a 14-year-old in attendance.

Last Saturday (7/31) in the early morning hours, fans were asking for prayers as the news traveled that he had been involved in a shooting. His wife provided an update confirming Ardoin had been shot, which was followed later by a thumbs-up emoji.

Ardoin updated fans on Friday afternoon, letting them know that he is "bouncing back" from the scary incident. He also revealed that the bullet from the shooting was still inside of him and doctors will soon determine whether it will stay there or get extracted.

Perhaps the only bit of disturbing information in the overall positive update was that Ardoin was literally only inches away from the outcome being far more tragic.

Ardoin's message was delivered in a grateful tone as he promised that "a lot of changes" were coming moving forward. Fans showed their continued support and prayers toward healing.

Facebook, Chris Ardoin
Facebook, Chris Ardoin

We're wishing Chris Ardoin the best on his road to recovery and we can't wait to see him back on stage doing what he loves.

See more comments and show your support for Ardoin via his official Facebook page below.

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