The entire city of Chicago was buzzing after the Cubs won the World Series—literally.

I can vividly remember where I was the moment the Saints won the Super Bowl. At the time I was playing at The Metropolitan Nightclub in New Orleans, so I decided to watch the Super Bowl there; because in the event of a Saints victory, there was no better place to be than the 504.

It turned out to be one of the best decisions I ever made.

The club is located in the Warehouse District of New Orleans, near the Mississippi River and the Crescent City Connection. When we knew the Saints had it in the bag we literally made a beeline to Bourbon street.

On the way there, people were screaming, crying and partying in the streets. Cars and trucks were flying by with people yelling out of windows. It was chaotic, yet controlled. It was a celebration, but also an uplifting moment for a city that was still feeling the after effects of a devastating storm named Katrina.

The New Orleans Saints had won their first Super Bowl in franchise history and the party was ON! We couldn't even get to Bourbon due to cops blocking off the streets due to crowding. It didn't even matter because the entire city had transformed into Bourbon Street.

This video of Chicago reminds me of the exact moment I just described. Listen to the sounds of a city who, finally after 108 years, saw their Cubs come out on top as World Series champions!

Congrats, Cubs fans. You deserve it.

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