(UPDATED 2/22/12; 3:02PM): The Independent Weekly has run a story with more details surrounding the scuffle that took place Tuesday at the Mardi Gras Independent Parade line-up area  (the Independent Weekly and the Independent Parade are not related.

The Independent Weekly posted several pictures of the incident, with captions explaining each.  The pictures show Dr. Stewart climbing down from the float, him standing over Erin Fitzgerald, and her injuries.  You can follow along in this series of photographs:

In this photo, you can seen Fitzgerald in the foreground, the banner hanging from the float, and Stewart exiting the float.

Glenn Stewart

In this next photo, Stewart can be seen photographing something on the ground, using his cell camera.

Glenn Steward 2


What he was photographing is now clear in this picture.

Erin Fitzgerald Scissors

This photograph shows the facial injuries Fitzgerald suffered.

Erin Fitzgerald Injuries

Now allow me to direct your attention to one photograph you have already viewed;  this time, notice, on the left side of the screen, in Fitzgerald's right hand:

Close Up Shot - Fitzgerald and Scissors

Yup, a pair of scissors.  The ONLY reason I bring this up?  It makes me wonder:  Will the good doctor will use this photograph to "prove" that he was defending himself from an armed woman?  I am just speculating, of course, because NO ONE has any idea of how this will all play out.



[UPDATE 2/22/12- According a press release from Lafayette City Police: On February 21,2012, investigators with the Lafayette Police Department arrested Glenn Stewart on an arrest warrant for 2nd Degree Battery. It was discovered through the follow up investigation that when Glenn Stewart struck Fitzgerald, she was knocked unconscious. Stewart was arrested at his residence late yesterday evening without incident. The case remains under investigation.  Read the original story below.]


(Feb 21, 2012)  A long-standing feud is believed to have led to a well-known publisher's step-daughter  getting punched unconscious at the Independent Parade.

According to KATC TV3's Facebook page, an incident occurred involving Cherry Fisher May's step-daughter,  Erin Fitzgerald.  The report says that Fitzgerald approached a float believed to be designed by Glenn Stewart, a local developer who has had a long-standing feud with May.  Three people, including Stewart, were issued summons for disturbing the peace.

Erin May Fitzgerald

The float, pictured below, makes reference to the arrest of Fisher-May for an OWI, and Fitzgerald reportedly tore some of the decorations from the float, leading to the altercations.  It is still unclear who was cited, and for which offense.

Cherry Fisher May Float

[UPDATE 2/21/12- According a press release from Lafayette City Police: Both St. Julien and Stewart were issued misdemeanor summons for Disturbing the Peace by Fighting.  Fitzgerald was later issued a summons for Disturbing the Peace and Disorderly Conduct.  The case remains under investigation.]

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