LSU reliever Zack Hess has earned a "psycho" moniker from his teammates for his ability to shut down opponents on the mound.

The Tigers closer began rocking a seldom used hairstyle made famous by Charlie Sheen's character in the 1989 film Major League.

As Rick "Wild Thing" Vaughn, Sheen rocks the unique haircut, reaching his full potential as a closer when he gets eye glasses from his manager Lou Brown.

Former Louisiana Ragin' Cajun All-American softball pitcher Christina Hamilton gained national attention in 2014 when the Cajuns reached the Women's College World Series, and the nation took notice of what Cajun fans had seen for years. Hamilton sports glasses (without lenses), that somewhat resembled Vaughn's, drawing comparisons to Sheen's famous character.

Charlie Sheen
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However, Hamilton's story involved her losing a lense in I in a pair non-prescription glasses in a high school game, and decided to keep rocking them. It wasn't a tribute to Vaughn.

Hess' story is different. He's never sported glasses on the mound, but Sheen was impressed enough by Hess' haircut that he sent him some "Wild Thing" glasses, according to James Moran of

During his last appearances at the CWS versus Oregon State, when Hess walked to the mound from the bullpen, the loud speakers blared "Wild Thing".

Do you think he'll wear the glasses out to the mound tonight when LSU battles Florida in the championship?


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