You don't see this very often.

Watch as a cat dangles from the upper deck of Hard Rock Stadium in Miami, then falls onto fans below.

Fans were zoned-in on this cat as it held on for dear life, but when it came time to let go, fans below the upper deck were ready.

As you'll see below, a fan with a flag caught this cat as it fell from the upper deck and the cat was reportedly not injured in the fall.

I often wonder how cats and others animals get into stadiums all the time, but now I am asking, how did this cat get all the way up into this section of the stadium.

Luckily fans were able to risk it all and catch this cat had it fell several feet below.

I don't know who caught the cat, but he or she certainly received a deserving ovation from others in attendance.

Here's another angle of the cat dangling from the upper deck and then ultimately falling into the flag below.

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