Just off of I-79 Southwest of Pittsburgh, PA, stands what looks to be a normal office building. Upon closer inspection, one will notice that you can see clear through the 8-story building and, strangely enough, the building is full of cars.

It's a Carvana. Maybe you've seen the advertisements for the Carvana used car dealerships: when you buy a car at Carvana, they give you a coin. You place that coin into a slot and, just like a jukebox or vending machine, your product is delivered to you right before your very eyes.

We had the opportunity to visit the Carvana location near Pittsburgh recently to participate in the purchase of a used vehicle, and I captured the experience on video.

Notice how the Carvana machine gives you a 360 of your vehicle for inspection when it reaches the bottom floor.

All-in-all, it was a fun experience. The car was clean, serviceable, came with a warranty and a 7-day return policy. Pretty cool!



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