Those awful cargo pants are back in style and I can’t take it. The military-inspired pants are too extra in my opinion. Too many pockets for me. But, hey, they’re back and in full force. They first became a trend back in the 90s when many hip-hop artists started wearing them. It’s happened all over again. According to Rolling Stone, many believe the return of the cargo pants today also has to do with the hip-hop world.

Let’s face it, cargo pants are not only useful with all of the pockets, but many people also think they’re very comfortable. After a year of dressing “down” with a comfortable and casual look since we were all social distancing, it’s no surprise these babies are back in style.

Now, they’ve been modernized with slim fit styles and you can even get cargo sweat pants and cargo trousers. You read that correctly. Trousers.

I’m sure you’ve seen them in all the stores. And with the spring weather around the corner, you’ll probably start seeing them paired with tees and tanks everywhere you go.

I do think it’s a cool little nod to the military when they’re worn.

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