Well, it's happened again, a car hit a pole in a Walmart parking lot and the vehicle was lifted off the ground.

If this looks strange it's because it is, but we are seeing more and more drivers in parking lots across Acadiana hit such poles. Often the result is what you see here, the vehicle is lifted off the ground and the driver is left asking, "How do we get my vehicle down?"

The latest mishap comes from the Walmart parking lot in Opelousas, Louisiana. While we don't know how or why this happened, for a vehicle to "climb" a pole like this speed has to be a factor.

Several people in the parking lot snapped photos of this mishap and no one reported injuries in this crash.

However, let this be a reminder that you need to pay attention to your surroundings while out in public and when in parking lots. So many people are distracted these days and it only takes a second for someone to hit what could be in their path.

Just a few weeks ago we saw a similar incident in the Eunice Walmart parking lot, and police suspect the driver in that crash was distracted when they hit the pole.

Here's another look at the car on the pole in the Opelousas parking lot.

Angie Olivier
Angie Olivier


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