This captivating photo of South Louisiana was taken from the International Space Station and it looks like a watercolor masterpiece. NASA astronaut, Jessica Meir, shared it on social media and it’s simply stunning. It truly does look like someone spilled watercolors and it created this beautiful work of art.

Meir is currently working on her first spaceflight and has been in orbit around the Earth since September 2019. You probably heard the story about how she made history by being a part of the world’s first all-female spacewalking team that replaced a broken part on the space station’s power grid.

When Meir shared the South Louisiana photo from space on Twitter Tuesday, she captioned it "The #Mississippi River delta looking like somebody spilled their watercolors"  as she described how the Atchafalaya and Mississippi muddy waters mix in with the blue of the Gulf of Mexico.

It’s simply beautiful.

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