Surveillance footage on Twitter shows what appears to be a Baltimore couple in a dispute, in which the female party attempts to run over the male party with her car multiple times. The incident resulted in a wrecked sedan, covered in bricks and a struggle that ended in someone's front door.

We have the full video in this post, but you have got to take a second to look at these images and try to figure out what went so wrong in this scenario.


I do not know how things progress this far, but clearly emotions were running high in Baltimore between a man and woman who Twitter says is a couple.


The woman first attempts to back over the man, before pulling forward in an attempt to ram him with the front of the vehicle.


Just as he is about to take the front end of the four-door to the back, he jumps out of the way leaving nothing to stop the car but a brick building.


This was the first instance where the woman rammed the brick building in an attempt to strike the male with the vehicle.


You would think with the woman's reaction to what she had just done, this would be where the story ends. But you would be terrible wrong.

See the entire video posted to Twitter by @Nuevocentos below.

Oh yes, the woman backed away from the brick wall and went after the man AGAIN!


You can see in the video, the male almost egging the female on as the situation worsens. Would have probably been the right move to walk away at this point, but that was not what happened.


The woman rammed the wall one more time, allowing bricks to rain down on the hood of the vehicle.


She got out of the car one last time and ran the man down, where they met in a struggle at someone's front doorstep.

Check out the aftermath of the incident via @griseldanegra on Twitter here.

The woman put a car-sized hole in the side of this brick building with her attempts to strike the man.

Whatever caused this argument must have been something serious, because this woman was not letting up on her efforts of barreling the man over with her car. The man really needed to find an opportunity to try and remove himself from the situation, but to be fair - it looks like that's what he was attempting to do in the beginning of the video.

Hopefully no one was seriously injured in the incident and I hope this couple has either settled their difference or agreed to stay far, far away from one another.

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