In response to statements made by the Louisiana Cajun Navy regarding hostilities in Houston, both Cajun Navy 2016 and Cajun Navy Ops have both said none of their members have been shot at, or in any way threatened during their rescue efforts.

Confused yet? Don't feel bad. We are, too.

Let's break this down. See, there isn't really any such thing as the "Cajun Navy" - except that there is. Sort of. It's just that there are a whole bunch of different groups that call themselves the Cajun Navy in some way or another, all acting independently while sharing the same name. Kind of.

For example, there's the Louisiana Cajun Navy, who reported "looters" shooting at their boats in Houston. Then there's Cajun Navy 2016, which is a totally different Cajun Navy not at all connected to the Louisiana Cajun Navy. After that, there's the Cajun Navy Rescue Operations group that isn't part of the Cajun Navy 2016 or the Louisiana Cajun Navy, but is still the Cajun Navy.

There are probably even more groups, but you get the idea.

The point is, "Cajun Navy" is sort of a catch-all term for all the great Louisiana people jumping in to help those in need. Whether or not members of the Louisiana Cajun Navy were actually shot at and had to call in the police to help out (Houston authorities are now denying such reports), the fact remains that some really good Louisiana people are doing some really great work over in Texas.

While the Louisiana Cajun Navy might have run into problems, it seems other Cajun Navy groups haven't, and they'd like to get that message out. Below is a post made by the administrator of the Cajun Navy Rescue Operations group:

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