We're not even sure the Easter Bunny himself can endorse this...

There are just some things in life that just don't mix, like oil and water. And there are things in life that you should never mix. At the top of that list has got to be anything chocolate related and anything mayonnaise related. However, we can't always predict when tragedy will strike and unfortunately this one is actually happening.

Seriously Good Mayo

One flavor appears to just be a mixture of mayonnaise and the creme filling Cadbury is known for, while the other looks as if an entire creme-filled chocolate egg has been blended into the mayonnaise. I'm sorry, but was Cadbury not just hiring people to become official taste-testers of new products? There's no way this one passed the test. Or maybe they just hired the wrong people.

Well, at least we'll have something to prank our family and friends with next April Fools Day... so stock up!

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