One of the statements I hear from people who are downplaying the number of deaths related to the virus is this: "Yes, but all of them had pre-existing conditions." Well, don't be fooled into believing that you are safe enough to disregard the governor's guidelines.

One of my friends is a nurse in Cleveland, Ohio, and she recently posted this on her Facebook page. It struck me as something that MIGHT talk some sense into those who are still saying that there's nothing to worry about with the coronavirus.

Imagine all of the people who have conditions that have yet to be diagnosed. Now imagine that it's your kid or sibling or aging parent. If you still downplay the seriousness of the coronavirus because you or your loved one(s) aren't showing signs of any pre-existing conditions and you are still living your life as "normal", that's fine. Just don't come near me. And don't go near your loved ones, either, if you really love them.


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