Hurricane Zeta roared ashore in Southeast Louisiana as a much stronger storm than what was originally forecast for its arrival, and it has left damage in its wake.

Zeta made its entrance to Louisiana near Cocodrie, a small fishing community south of Houma. There isn't much separating Cocodrie from the Gulf of Mexico, so the hamlet is susceptible to damage from even the smallest tropical storm.

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Many of the homes, businesses, and camps in the area were affected by Zeta, and a local business is offering help to those who could use it.

It may not sound like much, but the offer of a place to store a boat or a vehicle while work is being done on homes, camps, or businesses is a really big deal; many of the roads in the area have little to no shoulder for parking.

CoCo Marina is doing that, and more. Free place to temporarily park vehicles or trailers or moor boats, along with free use of the boat launch at the marina will certainly help those in the area affected by the storm.

My family spends time in Cocodrie each year for a weekend of fishing and we use CoCo Marina to launch our boats and for our lodging, gas, ice, etc. We have liked the family that owns the marina for years and, now, we like them even more.

If you have a business that can lend a hand during hard times, please do, as you might be making a big difference to someone who really needs it.

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