Yesterday morning a bus carrying workers headed to Baton Rouge to help with flood clean up crashed on I-10, killing two and injuring 30 others according to The bus was reportedly being driven by an undocumented immigrant who didn't have a driver's license.

The driver was Denis Yasmir Amaya Rodriguez, an undocumented immigrant from Honduras according to Louisiana State Police Trooper Melissa Matey.

Three of the people struck by the bus were firefighters that were working an accident near LaPlace, Louisiana.

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The bus driver lost control of the bus, struck a fire truck, veered across the right lane, striking other vehicles, then veered and struck three firefighters, who, all three, were thrown over the guardrail

One of the men killed killed was St. John the Baptist Parish Fire District Chief Spencer Chauvin.

The other person killed was 21-year-old Jermaine Starr of Moss Point, Mississippi. Starr was in the backseat of one of the vehicles struck by the bus.

Police say the bus was speeding according to

The crash is still currently under investigation.

Chauvin's brother posted this to Facebook yesterday.


As you'll see in the video below from ABC, they claim the workers on the bus were also undocumented.

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